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the bullet that killed harding is a 380, 9 mm caliber bullet and found another 380 caliber round in his jacket pocket. investigators say they have not found a gun it's unclear if the chief has new information when hosting the taun hall meeting in the bay view. a heated meeting. >> the confrontation was ugly there. was outrage. the crowd booed the chief and interrupted him. the chief gave up and left. >> i think that they should have given him a fair chance to speak. >> we spoke with bay view residents like maurice tippet while riding the t line. many were embarrassed by 9
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reception given to the chief but understand why there was pent up anger. >> nothing but police out in the bay view. they just messing with people. >> and last night, past crimes and charges of police a perfect of -- person of interest. denise chandler believes it was a justified shooting but still wanted to know more from last night. >> so i feel the police didn't didn't get a fair chance and did what was right. >> community leaders say they understand why people are so upset. but they wish he got more respect last night. >> it's to have dialogue we have to listen, hear what the chief had to say, then then, make our rebuttal to that. >> so again, a new, very
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significant development in this officer-involved shooting. by the way, san francisco police use a 40 caliber gun as their service resolver. i axe -- resolver. i am told you cannot fire a 380 caliber round from that equipment. first, initially they thought they'd found the weapon after the shooting in the home of a parole. now saying that that gun is of a different caliber than the bullet. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. and critical new video evidence in another police shooting this, case a bart cop shot and killed a man at civic center station in san francisco. we're live at bart head quarters to show you that video. >> this video just released lear this afternoon and what is interesting is what it doesn't show. in addition to the video, bart
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made public this photo of a knife investigators say the victim threw at police with a four inch blade but the video starts with two officers disembarking at the platform. the camera angle only shows the officer who fired and never captures charles hill. the video shows hills knife ricochet off the bart train, then flies on to the platform floor. bart says the officer fired as hill raised his hands to throw the knife but it's difficult to confirm. the video show that's when the ofgser fired a woman with a baby stroller appeared to be just feet away. bart says this is the only video of the shooting and there are 40 witnesses it doesn't appear any of them captured this on their cell phones. this may be the only video that exists. >> in this investigation going on, they're going to say whether it's justified or not. >> bart considers this to be serious.
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when a life is lost, it's always tragic. >> reporter: we learned today that the officer who fired his gun is the same who had a taser on him but did not use it. the shooting has sparked protest partly because of the timing of it. officers reresponded to follow up on a call hill was drunk just a minute after they arrived on the platform, three fatal shots were fired. today here at headquarters bart released another photo of a very similar knife, the one they say hill had on -- hill threw at the officers. this is a photo they say they found of a knife they found near hill's body. it's different from what the story they've been laying out before, which is that hill had two knifes on him. so still, a lot of questions to be answered here from bart. >> thank you. >> and what started as a burglary in a union city neighborhood turned into a major police action.
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and officer goes house to house looking for a suspect, making one arrest just a short time ago. abc 7 is live from that neighborhood with the latest for us. >>reporter: we have within the past half hour a second suspect arrested at a home near where this started this morning. let's show you video we have of that suspect being put into a police car. he's the tall gentleman in the white tee shirt surrounded by police officers. he was taken into custody at about 5:30 this afternoon. that is seven hours into this ordeal, starting at 10:30 this morning. a resident called 911. and complained about a burglar in the area, confronted the burglar. the burglar took off. and then, when police arrived they confronted the suspect who exchanged gunfire with police. just moments ago police describe taking this second
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suspect into custody. >> certainly fits the description. i believe they're in the process of confirming his identity. i don't have that information yet. and he's being evaluated medically and i'm sure shortly will be speaking with our investigator autos and where was he? >> several houses down from the residence where the shooting occurred this morning. >> and this was the second suspect taken into custody. the first suspect was taken into custody before 4:00 this afternoon. he was found, we're told hiding in a shed here in the neighborhood and attacked by police dogs sustained injuries to his feet. he was taken in an ambulance. we're told that person was just an associate of the primary suspect who, as we showed you, was taken into custody. and police are still on the
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scene here. and are going make sure there are no other associates in the neighborhood and they're looking for evidence. abc 7 news. >> and thank you very much. and crews are working to get a handle on a wildfire burning in morgan hill. and you can see structures in the area areas were being threatened by flames. helicopters and air tankers are working the fire with several hand crews on the ground. we'll update as soon as we get new information z this fire started inside of a home in walnut creek, then spread to two other houses and this is around 3:30 and there are no reports of any injuries and everybody got out. and it took them longer to get the house fires under control.
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>> richmond police announced a formation of a joint task force to try to reverse a spike in gang violence there. there have been eight homicides in richmond. and the most recent killing happened yesterday morning. a 20-year-old gunned down just across the street from a community center where children were playing. >> this kind of thing is outrageous. and this is not something we're going to accept or tolerate. >> community leaders say they want action now before anymore lives are lost to violence. >> and a triangle is where the problem is. it's black on black crime, which is just not good. >> and there have been to homicides in richmond so far this year. that compares to 21 in all of last year. >> on to other matters, sports is making news tonight.
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it looks like we might, fingers crossed have a football season. nfl owners are close to a deal to end the lockout. and larry beil is here with the latest. >> close, but not done. nfl voted to approve a 10-year collective bargaining agreement. and there is not in in on this. and what does it mean in the short run? owners are ready to go but this has to be emphasized players have not ratified this yet. and lead negotiator says there are still unresolved issues and nl commissioner wants to get training camps open by saturday. >> with ratification of the nfl board, we'll be prepared to open training facilities beginning on saturday.
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this saturday. and we'll then be prepared to start the new league here next wednesday subject to the full membership players. and ratifying the agreement, recertifying the unit. >> there is one game that will not be played because of timing here. preseason opener, hall of fame game scheduled august 7th between chicago and st. louis that is a flat-out cancel. and the 1900 players still have to ratify this proposal. now there is frustration with the owners having announced they approved their own contract. taking two sides to have a deal. the pressure is now on players to examine proposal and approve it and i imagine that that will take sometime tomorrow, or throughout the weekend, because they don't want to wruf got to take it. >> sure. >> owners didn't put pressure on. >> there is a lot of pr spin going on. looks like we're getting there. >> thank you.
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>> there is more still to come tonight. just ahead live in yosemite. there has been another fatality. how visitors are ignoring dangers and tempting fate. >> hunt for records in the san bruno pipeline explosion. and frustration of a pg&e insider who didn't get a call back for months. >> and our cooling trend has begun. will temperatures bounce back up for the weekend? the answers in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> comparison shopping for a tv this, is what retailers don't want you to know. 7 on your side is coming up. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday ansaturday! just use your jcpenney rewards credit card to save an extra 20% on all your favorite brands, including home! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale.
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we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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a big thank you this friday ansaturday! just use your jcpenney rewards credit card to save an extra 20% on all your favorite brands, including home! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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abc news is reporting after a year of study the pentagon is now ready to abandon the don't ask, don't tell policy on gays in the military. the secretary of defense and joint chiefs of staff signed off on this change. this announcement will be made tomorrow and will take another 60 days before the policy officially repealed. >> two suspects arraigned today in the death of a union city woman whose body was found burning on an oakland street. the two suspects are charged with kidnapping and murder of a 21-year-old. her burned body found in oakland rockridge district last week. witnesses say he beat the victim and garcia kicked her while she was bound and gagged and threatened to burn her. >> there has been another death at yosemite national park. a bay area girl, a marin academy sophomore was has been killed in a car accident returning whom friends after a night time hike. she died on tuesday, the same
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day three people were swept over vernal falls to their deaths. reporter is live at yos sem twi a reminder of the risk. >> park rangers say there have been no signs of the three bodies and there are no clues but they're getting help from a search and rescue team that happened to be training here. this search and rescue team from marin county joined efforts to find the three missing friends swept over vernal falls. their job is a challenging one because of the fast-moving water filled with lashlg large boulder autos this makes it difficult for crews to not only assess the riverbank buzz that water moving so much it's slippery. and in addition, mist from water fall that is on the rocks on the river bed make it dangerous. >> rangers say the missing friends crossed a metal guardrail and got into the water above the falls. that is when one lost his
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footing and other two slipped, trying to help. all three are now presumed dead. >> the marin county and jos sem ti search and rescue are on the trail, hiking and doing a base search. right now. along about three quarter mile along the stretch of river where it's believed bodies may be. >> and you can hear just how powerful water is at the bridge. rangers say right now, it's too dangerous for divers to enter the river. despite that danger this woman from denmark said she felt safe taking her son around a railing and down to the water's edge. >> here it wasn't very dangerous. we didn't touch the water actually. just sitting on a stone. we have to be care oofl others say they won't take chances. >> no. we want to make sure we stay on the trail. and just follow the rules. >> reporter: and search crews
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did f.they do not find the bodies rangers say they'll scale back efforts on foot and wait for water levels to go down until it's safe enough for divers. >> thank you very much. breaking news out of los angeles tonight in the brian stow beating case. the giants fan, we're talking about. the "los angeles times" is reporting that l.a. police have arrested two men on suspicion of beating the santa cruz man on opening night at dodger stadium in late march. the same report says investigators have now cleared the man police arrested in may but never charged. brian stow is at san francisco general hospital after undergoing more surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, tus we can have traffic difficulties, perhaps silicon valley's version of carmeggodon or not. caltrans will be closing this is the first of four
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consecutive nights 101 will close overnight. caltrans ised aing a southbound lane to the highway from story road to the actually road interchange. >> be on the lookout. >> wlfr you were today, pretty nice outside. >> cooler in all locations near the bay and coast. inland areas, still warm. things are feeling good out there. there is a live view out there looking down towards the bay, you can see low clouds and fog that is moving throughout the golden gate and will move inland as well. there are only 59 degrees in half moon bay. still 91 in antioch. and there is 60s, 70s and 80s there, and there is temperature changes significant in locations as well, now 10 degrees cooler in redwood city.
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six degrees cooler than yesterday at this hour in oakland. 14 degrees cooler now in jant rouse roesa than at this hour, yesterday. highlights, coastal fog moving locally inland by morning. further cooling tomorrow and all parts of the bay area. we'll see minor ups and downs over the weekend. we're not going to see extremes for a while. satellite shows there is a dip providing a cooling affect continuing throughout several days. temperatures may bounce up getting into next week. we don't expect any extremes. overnight, low clouds, fog moving across the bay. we'll see low temperatures dropping into mid to upper 50s in spots. there is a antioch, expected low of 60 degrees, tomorrow morning, fog, low clouds hanging around. much of the marine layer burning back to the coastline south of san francisco, continuing to cling to the
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coastline. north looks like coast will be mainly clear skies. high temperatures tomorrow mainly around or just above 60s on the coast. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. only mid to upper 80s into warmest locations. south bay, sunny skies, highs from 76 in santa clara. 78 in san jose. and los gatos will be the warm spot down south. highs into 70s, mid-70s for the most part z around 60 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 63 degrees tomorrow, 65 in south san francisco. up north, 79 degrees will be the high in nef vatty. 89 in clover dale, perhaps 91 in clear lake. other locations will waurm only into 80s, and then, east bay we go, 69 in oakland. and 76 degrees in fremont and castro valley. inland highs into mid-80s approaching upper 80s moving farther inland into brentwood.
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near monterey bay, 60s near the bay. 82 in morgan hill. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see not much change in temperatures over next several days, highs mid to upper 80s, mid-70s around the bay. around just above 60s on the coast to be a nice stretch of weather. >> thank you. >> pleasant here, bad elsewhere. crippling heat wave enveloped the mid west is getting worse and spreading. >> and end of the final space shuttle mission and a role of nasa aims space center
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it's not and about to get hot yes, temperatures expected to climb into triple digits tomorrow in the northeast z it's not only unbearable, but deadly. so far 22 deaths are blamed on the heat this is just very hot out. and all they can do is stay hydrated. >> it's plenty hot. >> and heat advisories cover 22 states impacting 45% of the u.s. population, 141 million people. and the heat is triggering power outages, utilities asking customers to cut back on usage to avoid additional outages. >> end of one era marks beginning of another for nasa ames research center. the space shuttle atlantis
6:25 pm
landed in cape canaveral this morning. and thousands gathered in florida in houston to witness the historic landing. it was witnesser sweet for rex wallhim, who grew up in san carlos. >> i've loved every minute. it's been an honor and everybody wants to be a part of this. we understand it's hard to transition but we're going cherish every minute of it. >> 1500 shuttle workers scheduled to get their pink slips. and this is now setting sights on deep space exploration. >> this is probably going to be smaller and more cramped but it's a capsule instead of a big shuttle. >> and nasa says asteroids will be destinations of choice
6:26 pm
for the new space craft. >> we've been going through hundreds of new documents tonight. and we found the testimony of a former pg&e records keeper who might have helped speed up the investigation. >> also ahead a bay area woman described as a hacktivist what. she's accused of doing. >> and anyway you slice it, there is a great day fr a local salami company that saw it's plantúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúú
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updating breaking news from just minutes ago. los angeles times is reporting police in l.a. arrested two men for the beating of brian stow in march in dodger stadium. the times says it's unclear what evidence prompt add rests and the report says that giovanni ramirez arks rested
6:30 pm
in may and never charged has now been cleared in this stow beating. lapd tells axe bc 7 news there is no comment on the report. stow remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. >> 4,000 pages related to the investigation of the san bruno pipeline explosion were released today by the national transportation safety board. among those documents, an interview with pg&e's former manager of gas line records. in the newsroom more on what that document has to say. heather? >> this ntsb interviewed the manager of pg&e's gas line records from 1983 to 1993 and says company reorganizations in 1986 and 199 resulted in gaps in record keeping, possibly critical records like pressure test reports on line 132 that pg&e had been ordered to find but says it cannot. when the san bruno pipeline exploded, gas records manager
6:31 pm
had already been retired for 17 years. but he is third generation pg&e and could not ignore what happened. when it became clear pg&e records of a seamless pipe were records and record inaccuracies may be at the heart of the accident, he left messages with pg&e executive to tell him where records should be. they said we can not are convinced we cannot find the information and my blood boiled because i knew it exited. i was being paid for 10 years to manage it. he tells johnson got back to him in december but a frustrated medina called jackie speires office, saying he came forward to help saying i feel very sorry for people harmed and any others that might be harmed from lack of accurate information being available. but i know this information did exist, and i have a feeling that it may still
6:32 pm
exist. pg&e issued a statement thanking the national transportation safety board for work and says it will continue to work on earning back trust of customers. there is a tentative hearing date on a probable cause of the explosion, that is august 30th. >> and in the meantime, at and t admitted it violated laws when 1300 gallons of diesel spilled into san jose guadalupe river in the fall. the result of an equipment failure, and at and t agreed to pay a fine and 30,000 in clean up costs, the company noted today that it was come complimented on the response. a wayer r.bay area woman caught up in a hacking raid appeared in court today, she's one of 14 people facing charges. and we're live in san jose tonight with the story.
6:33 pm
>> and tracy venezuela told me she's not dangerous, not affiliated with any group. that, she told me off camera. and the judge ordered her not to use the internet in any way except to communicate with the attorney. the 42-year-old from napa is charged with conspiracy, intentional damage to a protected computer, one of 14 people the justice department is accusing of being part after nonmus. a group behind cyber attacks, experts say that there is a different motive. >> cyber criminals are a danger to home users. >> many of the defendants in the case have online nicknames such as reaper and toxic arks rested in several states.
6:34 pm
>> if you're younger and out of college and a believer in wiki leaks way of life why not find out in it's more interesting than your day job. >> kirk hanson says that the anonymous hacktivists state they want to expose secrets and corruption. >> it appears they still were motivate bid some of the same desires to create chaos. and now, have wrapped it in a kind of a morally defensible mission of revealing secret data. >> security experts say the cyber attacks do take a certain level of knowledge and sow fis tix. >> to think people are associated with anonymous have done are not simple child's play. they've done significant work there. >> and all 14 defendants have been ordered to appear in this district court on september 1. now, if convicted, even those
6:35 pm
people facing minimum charges such as tracy venezuela could face up to 14 years, 15 years in prison. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much z we'll turn to business news in money matters, advanced micro devices today reported earnings of $61 million last quarter thanks to good sales of a new chip. however an industry group predicted the growth of the chip sales will slow down. and fiat bought u.s. government's last remaining shares in chrysler, now holding a majority stake in the company, $11.2 billion of a $12.5 billion bailout paid back. but rest is not likely to be recovered. and european leaders drawing up new economic rescue plans, sending wall street on a buying spree. the dow shot up 152 points. and s and p 500 gained 17. >> and we have had a lot of
6:36 pm
breaking news late today, including a possible settlement in nfl lock out. >> and from massage to acupuncture, alternative treatments available for bay area women returning home from war. stay with us.
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a bay area medical sent jer making a unique program available to veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. it's designed for female vets offering therapies targeted to
6:39 pm
their physical and emotional needs. >> i will ask you to close your eyes. let that peaceful quality travel through all parts of you. >> army veterans are learning to manage emotions haunting her for months. diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after returning from iraq. she said adjustment back to normal life has been slow. >> sometimes i'll be somewhere, let's say in a mall or something. and then, i'll see myself back in iraq. >> imagine wrapping all of that experience in something like a bubble or a balloon. >> this session isn't taking place at va. it's part of a program being organized by institute for health and healing at california pacific medical center. this counselor says the institute integrates a variety of therapies. from this session, to massage
6:40 pm
and acupuncture treatment autos there is a array of classes including yoga, tai-chi, various movement. it helps me kind of learn to just pay attention to my breathing. and then pay attention to what is going on when things do arise, m my heart starts pumping. >> now, they're partnering with the va to extend services to more returning female soldiers. starlynn is from swords to plow share autos biggest thing when returning back to life, back to some of the -- scenarios we've left and joining the military is time and the options to find what works best for us. >> the institute started a fund to help cover costs and hopes to groat program incoming months. tangerine has begun another
6:41 pm
alternative therapy. painting. >> painting helps, anger, confusion. fear. that gave me hope. and then, with hope, i gained strength. and the word gets larger as i feel more positive about the world. >> this program is just getting up and running for female vets. go to our web site and look under see it on tv for more information. >> more to bring you tonight. recommending a web site if you're shopping for electronics, next. >> and after a two year hiatus
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shopping for a flat panel television is complicated these day autos there are those model numbers but there is a new tool to make your decision easier. >> michael finney is here tonight. >> everything about the tvs the least for guys is fun. except for shopping part. now that has been made just a little bit easier. go shopping for a flat panel tv, and they all look good. but how do you find the best one for you? at the best price?
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>> we evaluated 24 hdtvs for features. >> but with the help of good house keeping and consumer reports, there are issues. you see product numbers? tc-50 px 34. lc 60, le, 63, 3 u. and it becomes a blur. and sometimes, the same or similar sets are sold with different numbers. this is vinny, he's co-founder of >> if you wanted to be at many stores like costco and best buy, they would have their own private model numbers which they use so that price comparison is no longer an issue. >> not an issue for them, but for you? it is still a major hassle. when shopping consumers must
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compare brand to brand but within the same brand. and that this web site comes in. there is a new feature that allows consumers to compare models. >> we can tell you closest model sold everywhere else on the web as well. which is similar so you can decide. >> to test, we picked a tv at random. >> we got this guy up here. >> put in the number. then does it's thing. >> what we tell you is that this product is similar to one sold at coast co. >> this price is $821.94. >> costco selling it for $699. >> there is proof. $699. they also have a model number decoder, you can figure out what those numbers and letters mean. we have a link on our web site. and you can check this out. and just check under 7 on your
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side. >> handy it is. >> the one with the most button autos model numbers and numbers. >> thank you very much. >> and two years to the day after it was devastated by fire a local food company is back in production. columbus salami started nearly a century ago, now, enjoying a rebirth in its new home in hayward. >> reporter: it was 2:00 in the morning. flames shot from a roof of a columbus salami plant in south san francisco two years ago. production supervisor remembers it like it was yesterday. >> what happened when you saw it? you saw the factory burn? >> my god, i started to cry. i started crying because it's like your house. you stay there eight to 10 hours, sometimes 12 hours. so it's sad. really sad. >> you worked there how many years? >> 14. >> and what she doesn't realize when she saw it burn to the ground is that it would
6:48 pm
provide an opportunity to weigh in on the design and layout of the new state of the art plant that columbus built to replace it. >> i started giving them my ideas and yes. >> they took your ideas? >> yes. >> two years to the day after devastating fire... columbus employees helped cut ribbon at the new home in hayward. >> this is the state of the art fa sif -- facility. >> the ceo says high tech robotics means there are 20 fewer people and remain maining 70 jobs, half of new hires and the rest, returning. some employees got stay throughout two years as columbus outscoresed it's slicing to its competitors. >> they were very gracious and understood and did not have to ask twice. >> now, it's up and running, slicing 30% faster thanks to maria. >> did you ever think you're going to have a chance to help
6:49 pm
design a new plant? >> no. not even in my dreams. >> it's a happy ending, anyway you slice it. in hayward abc 7 news. >> my stomach is now growling. >> and let's update the forecast. >> spencer is here with that. >> i better hurry so carolyn can have dinner, satellite radar feature tells a story. it's not a complicated one. there is a dip in the jet stream. and this onshore flow bringing us a cooling trend continuing throughout next several days. tomorrow morning, 5:00 low clouds, fog having pushed locally inland. and burning back to the coastline, cling together coast south of san francisco. and burning away from the north north. high temperatures ranging from low 60s near coast to mainly 70s around bait to low to mid-80s foremost inland areas. upper 80s in spots. 86 in fairfield and livermore. north bay, 91 in clear lake. and a little bit to the south
6:50 pm
highs near monterey bay, 65, 66 degrees and low 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. range of temperatures not vary very much over next seven days, inland highs mid-80s. around the bay mid-70s. so lovely weather coming our way. >> thank you. >> nfl owners have spoken. there is a proposal to end the lockout. >> larry beil is up next with prognosis for kicking off the season on time. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, it's the first time attainy -- tiny part cell has been seen. >> then, at 11:00 we're in the bay view and have been reporting police now think that suspects shot over the weekend likely shot himself. find out what residents are saying about this. >> now, we want to talk about nfl lockout situation. >> looks like we're close to a deal. >> one size must fit. the other side, not sure. one big step towards ending
6:54 pm
lockout tonight. owner as proved a proposed contract bringing labor peace 10 years. players are not voting tonight on this proposal. it's not a done deal yet. everything but raiders voting to ratify the new collective bargaining agreement. al davis choosing to abstain from the vote because of differences. so now, phone shall end of the lockout lies in the players hands. they have to recertify as a union, then approve a global agreement. some players feel they're being railroaded now with owners pressuring them to quickly fall in line and owners believe that we're going to kick off regular season on time. >> i think that we all have an obligation to get a decision done because we're down where time frames start impacting as not getting ready and not being able to play preseason games that, is okay. >> we've crafted a long term agreement that can be good for the game of football. >> see what players do tomorrow, giants and a's have
6:55 pm
the day off giving us a chance to enjoy clips from the new show produced by show time. sheer some of the best of manager bruce bocci at all star game. >> this game ain't that easy. >> oh, my goodness. he's going to have a heart attack. >> 72 rbies. >> we didn't score that many runs until june. >> did you ever tell you i like three-run homers? >> yes. don't we all? >> you get them, i don't. >> make sure my right guys are ahead ofing out there. >> all right. >> your guy passed him. he's big for his size. i'm just trying to get bruce in at bat. the fielder is in a three hole? >> get a three. >> i think he spoke with it.
6:56 pm
>> that is really good stuff. the franchise on show time wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. top drag racers in the world returning to infin onraceway. last year's winner larry dixon is unique not only because he's the champ last year, but because racing team is owned by the sheik of qatar. >> you have fortune 500 companies coming in, you're promoting them. i'm not promoting a company, but a country. and i finally got a chance to go over to qatar and it was neat just to see how much, how big drag racing is over there. >> they are flying. >> steve williams said he had a feeling tiger woods was going to change caddies just a vibe things were not heading in the right direction. williams said timing of the decision is what caught him off guard. woods won 13 of the 14 majors
6:57 pm
with williams and tiger's old caddy says he provided woods with more than just professional support. >> it must have been difficult for him through thick and thin, and vn incredibly loyal. you know, to have this happen, i mean, basically, you can say i wasted two years of my life. >> and he's got adam scott. it's unclear who tiger will pair with now. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from larry beil and spencer christian, thanks for joining us everyone. >> hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- an academiadvisor from arlington, virginia... a content manager from mckinney, texas... and our returning champion-- a student and waiter from moscow, idaho... whose 4-day cash winnings total...

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